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Carpet Overlocking

The Finishing Touch



An overlocking/whipping/edging service able to add a neat border to all manner of shapes and sizes of carpet. Having established ourselves as a useful and affordable service, we are the go-to place for many of Berkshire’s carpet retailers as well as their customers.

The finished border is the same as seen on carpet samples, and we will always endeavour to try and match colours as best as possible unless something different has been specified. Unfortunately, we're unable to guarantee a perfect match or that the same colour options will be available indefinitely.

Current Rates

Over locking - 70p per linear foot (roughly £2.30 per metre)

Cutting (only if required) - 25p per linear foot (roughly 80p per metre)

Any cutting is done at your request/instruction (though, uneven edges, if left, become emphasised by the borders). Due to our trained fitting staff, we are also capable of cutting most shapes. Please keep in mind that certain small, intricate corners and sections will not feed through the machine, unfortunately.

In most cases, we cannot overlock older carpet, especially any that has already been fitted. This is due to a build-up of grit inside the pile that can damage the machine, or because the backing loses its sturdiness over time, meaning the stitching will not hold. The same applies to adjusting ready-made rugs, where the backing tends to pull away if cut at all. Of course, if you don't mind bringing in any pieces you are unsure about, we’ll be happy to assess them first-hand.

In size terms, we can generally overlock pieces up to a maximum of roughly 4 metres by 5 metres (though a higher rate applies for significantly large pieces). If required for bigger items, we can provide a collection and/or delivery service for a charge of £10-20 depending on location.

Jobs are completed within a week's turnaround if not sooner, all depending on when our machinist is next in-store, but you can drop pieces into us anytime during normal opening hours - 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, ready to be done at the next available opportunity.

If you are concerned about your rugs staying in place on the floor, we recommend and sell anti-slip rug underlay or, alternatively, a spray that works like a light, non-marking adhesive.